Our training methodology is based on , Battle Born K9 Training System™.

Battle Born K9 Training System™, is focused on the foundational drives for Hunt. Not just Hunt, itself, but rather the system of foundational drives an animal uses to go through the Hunt Process in order to fulfill the two most important genetic requirements for an animal’s survival. We are specifically talking about Self Preservation and Species Preservation.

If the dog won’t hunt, the dog won’t survive.

Nikki, Makor K9 of Texas Trained in Narcotics, Serving in Portland, Oregon

Battle Born K9 T.S.™ uses 5 Phases of drives and behaviors making up the Hunt itself. The technique we refer to as Enhanced Hunting/Searching behavior teaches the domestic dog how to use its drives in a specific way that mimics the wild dog in the Hunting process.

Enhanced Searching teaches the dog to focus on the use of its primary hunting tool, the olfactory, to pinpoint a target item. The reward system is all about paying sniffing/hunting behavior. Odor gets the reward.

Nikki, Makor K9 of Texas Trained in Narcotics, Serving in Portland, Oregon

This form of training system creates a much more confident reliable K9 that is seeking drive satisfaction not only from the find/Pay but rather from the Hunt process itself. The K9 is more independent and focused on searching behavior and relies less on input from the handler themself.

The ultimate result is a K9 driven to search and solve the problem with little to no input from the K9 Handler.

The more confident a dog is, the less likely they false, fatigue, or give up on the task at hand.

Whether it is detection or patrol work, the foundation for the hunt is the same. This helps the dog to understand that when they are taken out it is time, to Hunt. The patrol dog will go through bite/fight build up, and once it becomes time to find the man their focus will be Hunt produces the bite/fight. This drives the K9 to find and vanquish their Prey. Equipment becomes a secondary thought, it is all about hunting the prey and the finish.


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