Mel English

Owner/Head Trainer

Mel with K9 Roy, his last patrol dog.

Mel retired from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in May 2018 after 28 1/2 years of service. 22 1/2 of those years Mel served as a K9 handler.

Mel started his K9 career with his Patrol dog, Rudy, a single purpose Belgian Malinois. Rudy was LVMPD's first Malinois and served 3 years before passing from health complications. Over the 22 1/2 years Mel served with a total of 5 single purpose Patrol dogs; 3 Malinois and 2 German Shepherds.

Mel with K9 Roy, his last patrol dog.

In 2000 LVMPD expanded their K9 unit by giving all handlers two dogs, one patrol and one detection. Mel started his detection career with Quest a 22 lb female springer spaniel. After a year of working Quest, Mel was asked to become a unit trainer for detection dogs.

Mel completed a 1 1/2 year long apprenticeship under SGT. Jay Carlson and earned his trainer's certificate in Detection Dogs. During this time Mel trained an explosive dog for the unit, he would later pass Quest along to another handler and Mel worked Kai, a springer spaniel, 11 years.

In 2004 Mel went through a 12 week Patrol Dog trainers course in southern California at

Master K9 Inc. where he was given a Master Trainer's Certificate in Police Canine Training.

During his career Mel handled 5 patrol dogs, 2 Explosive Dogs, 6 narcotics dogs.

At retirement Mel was responsible for the training of 53 police service dogs for LVMPD.

He includes in his training 4 police service dogs for Henderson Police Department, 2 North Las Vegas Police Department, and 2 Boulder City Police department.

Mel has trained 3 officers as Detection Dog trainers and 3 officers as Patrol Dog trainers.

Mel, along with Washoe County Sheriff Deputy Jim McNeil, inspired the development of the Nevada POST standards for Law/ Enforcement Dogs.

In 2007 Mel was asked to teach a detection class at the annual training conference for

California Narcotics Canine Association. This began his instructional career and would lead to him serving not only as a certifying official but also as a Board member for the association.

Through his contacts at CNCA Mel developed a close relationship with Phil Ray of the London, England Police Department and Rolf Von Krough of the Norwegian Customs. With their mentoring and constant input Mel began training dogs down a different path compared to the norm in the U.S..

Home of Battle Born K9 Training Systems™

This led to Mel co-founding Battle Born K9. In March 2010 Battle Born K9 launched and began teaching seminars where handlers learned to harness the true hunt potential of their Police K9.

In August of 2010 Battle Born K9 was asked to teach at the Secret Service training facility

where the Battle Born K9 method was taught to all of the Secret Service K9 trainers.

Over the years Mel continued to develop his training methods and in 2018 Battle Born K9 was closed as a company and Battle Born K9 Training System™ was released with the sole usage with Makor K9, Owner Mark Rispoli. Mel continued as a lead trainer with Makor K9 until June 2022, when in partnership with Mark Rispoli they opened Makor K9 of Texas.

Home of Battle Born K9 Training Systems™


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